API Testing FAQs


I extracted a few parameters and I want to assign them values with random numbers or characters. Is there a way to do that?

Sure, you can use the ' __random_chars([length=10])’ or ‘__random_number([max],[min=0,max=2^32])’ functions, find more information on this page.

I’m getting id of my resource and I want to make sure it is in the format of UUID. How can I do that?

You can easily do that by creating a new parameter that contains the extracted id and assigning to it value - ${__is_uuid(extracted_id)}. Then you can create an assertion that checks that the parameter exists. See an example below:

extracted parameter
assertion for the extracted parameter


Is there a way to import HAR files?

Sure, just go to the relevant Test Suite - press ‘IMPORT FLOW’ - select your HAR file - choose domains and a new flow will be created.