We understand how crucial collaboration is for our customers. Loadmill allows distributed teams, located all over the world, to be in constant sync with each other through several features.

The first and the most important functionality is called Teams. Creating a team allows you to gather all team members under one roof, meaning to share the account credit, test on the same domains and view each other's tests.

Once you've created a team and run API tests, you might prefer to manage access to your Test Suites so that specific team members would be able to have full access to one Test Suite but read-only access to another one. To fulfill this need, we've developed the Test Suite Collaborators feature that allows you to make sure each team member has the right access level.

The next feature covers use cases when you have a "prerequisite" test flow that should run before the Test Suite's test flows. You can easily do that by using the Shared Flows feature.

After all, every team would like to organize their tests and navigate through them. We've got this covered as well, via the Labels feature.

Stay tuned for more great features coming soon! 🎉

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