New Relic

Easily stream events and view all your data in one centralized dashboard within your New Relic account


Once integrating with your New Relic account Loadmill will publish the following events:

  • LoadmillTestPlan: at the end of each test plan run

  • LoadmillTestSuite: at the end of each test suite run

  • LoadmillTestSuiteFlow: at the end of each test suite flow run

  • LoadmillFlowStatusChanged: at each flows status change (e.g. from draft to evaluating)

Integration Setup

  1. Go to Loadmill > Settings > Integrations > New Relic

  2. Insert the required credentials.

  3. Test the connection

  4. Click Connect

From that point on, Loadmill will start streaming events into your New Relic account. Now you can create you custom alerts and dashboards or use our predefined dashboard

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