Test Flow editor

API Test flow is a series of API calls (HTTP requests) that represent a single "user" flow you would like to test. These requests will be executed sequentially until completion or until the first failure.

🧠 Control visibility of the flows' list area by clicking on Flows in the Test Suite navigation panel. This way you can better focus on the flow you are currently working on.

The Test Flow Toolbar


Auto saves the test flow unless its configuration is invalid.

Login toggle

Toggle this switch to enable the flow to use the Global Login settings.

CSV toggle

Easily re-run your test flows by using different parameters values by uploading a CSV file containing a list of the values.

Run the edited flow as a "Trial run" to debug and validate it.

Run the edited flow as usual, but override some parameters.

Turn the Debug Mode on/off.

Set parameters which can be used in a specific flow.

Edit the raw YAML code of the saved flow.

Describe the desired changes and get a suggestion made by AI.

Allows to restore previously deleted requests (up to 10 requests), and the restoration stack clears upon refreshing the page.

Add request

Add en empty request to the flow

Paste requests

Paste a request - accepts CURL, and copied requests from the flow.


Export Flow

Save the flow to a YAML file. You can then import the flow into another test suite or as a load test.

Duplicate Flow

Create a copy of the original flow within the Test Suite.

Convert to Load Test

Converts the flow to a Load Test.

Replace Parameter

Replace the usage of a parameter in this flow with another parameter. (Find more information about parameters here).

Extract Parameter

Extract a value to a parameter from all across the test requests.

Copy Flow to Suite

Copy the flow into another Test Suite.

Generate Descriptions

Generate a suitable description to all requests in a flow using AI.

Configure service Definition

For GRPC, allows selecting the service that will be used in the flow.

Get Last Trial Run

Open the last run's results window.

Converting API flow to Load Test

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