Okta SSO integration

Okta is an identity and access management service platform that allows to secure every identity, from customers to the workforce with Single Sign-On (SSO), Multi-factor Authentication and more.

The Okta SSO integration with Loadmill enables Okta users to authenticate through Okta and then log into Loadmill without authenticating again.



  • Install the Loadmill application in your Okta instance

  • Complete the steps below to set everything up

Configuration steps

After installing the application, you need to obtain some information that you will have to send to Loadmill

Gather information from Okta:

In the Okta admin page, click on the Loadmill application and then navigate to the General tab. Copy the following values:

  • Client Id

  • Client secret (click the eye button to toggle the visibility)

  • Okta domain

Send the information to Loadmill

Once you have all the information (summarized below), email it to support@loadmill.com :

  • Client Id

  • Client Name (how you wish this team to be called - i.e. 'The Rebel Alliance')

  • Client secret (click the eye button to toggle the visibility)

  • Okta domain

  • Company email suffix (i.e. my-comany.com)

Loadmill support will handle your request and get back to you once the integration is configured.


Loadmill - Okta SSO integration is limited to one email suffix per integration. Meaning that if, for example, your email is jon@snow.com and the email suffix you supplied to us was snow.com then this organization integration instance will support only email with that suffix.


Once you've configured the integration with Okta, follow steps below to log into Loadmill:

Navigate to the Login page => Click SSO Log In.

Enter your email and click on the "SSO LOG IN"

Choose the relevant account to login to

Enter your Okta credentials in the page you were redirected too.

In case, you are using Multi-Factor authentication, put the code you've got and click Verify.

That's it, you're in! 🎉


We are always here if you need any help! Click on the bubble chat button in the lower-right corner of the screen or drop us a line at support@loadmill.com.

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