Welcome to the Test Editor Layout. Here you’ll tour all the editor components to understand better and customize your tests.

Loadmill’s Test Editor brings ease of access and customization to API testing. Upload a test scenario and generate dynamic code with multiple, expandable API components including extracting and validating dynamic values from the server response, running custom code for every API call, and managing conditional results for every API used in your test case. You can run your tests locally, or in your CI/CD pipeline with a single click.

Here’s a tour of the Test Editor to guide you to all its functionalities:

  • In the Flows section on the left column, you can rename or delete your flows.

  • The API editor in the center are all the expandable API components.

  • On the Flow Runs (or Trial Runs) in the right column, you can see a single test run per flow that includes all its activity logs.

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