How to work with Recordings

Start Recording

After you're all set with your application, it's time to start recording your users session:

  1. Go to the "Recordings" tab and click on + NEW RECORDING.

  2. In the dialog, select the wanted application from the list.


  4. Once the recording starts, you'll be able to see its progress in the recordings table. Note: you can have 1 active recording per app.

  5. Click on the running recording in order to review its progress.

  6. In order to stop a recording, click on the STOP button.

Awesome! I've recorded my application, now what?

When you stop the recording process, you can review its list of tracked API's (method, path, Avg response time & Throughput).

The next step will be Generating a repayable Test Suite containing your test flows:


Check out more cool things you can do with recordings in the Recordings Settings guide.

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