npm Module

The Loadmill npm module allows users to:

  1. Run API tests on

  2. Run Load tests on

  3. Do both programmatically or via CLI.

The easiest way to integrate your API tests into your CI/CD pipeline is by using the npm module. How it works:

  1. Install the npm module as described here.

  2. Create an API token that will be used for the integration. To generate it, navigate to Settings - Security.

  3. Create a Test Plan and include into it all Test Suites you would like to run in CI/CD. Find more information about Test Plans here.

  4. Initiate execution of the Test Plan by running command:

    loadmill <test-plan-id> --test-plan -w -v -t <token> --report --colors
    // Take the <test-plan-id> parameter value from its URL going after /api-tests/test-plans/.

Other supported options can be found here.