Accessing w/ Postscript

The Postscript feature is very useful when you want to use coded variables on different API requests. With this feature, you can access then throughout your automated flow. This is helpful when you need to store and use information from a previous API request in subsequent requests.

In this test case we have an API returning a list of fruits as a JSON object. From that list, we'll be extracting the name and the calories from the "Apple" object and use it on our next requests.

Extracting w/ Postscript

const apple = $.find((fruit)=> == "Apple");
// the $ represend the whole json response object
// we then use an array method to find the "Apple" object

We can now access this object and it's attributes such that:

const appleName =; // returns "Apple"
const appleCalories = apple.nutritions.calories; //returns 52

To test this out we can use the console.log method to print out appleName and appleCategories

You can now access those variables within the rest of your flow.

Using Postscript with Pre-Extracted Values

You can use Postscript print out values from the Extractions section used across the flow.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create any extraction from the Extractions section.

  2. Open your Postscript section.

  3. Assign the extracted parameter to postscript. ie: const name = extractedParameterName;

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