Flow Controls

Flows provides additional features and functions that can be found in the top right corner of the editor.

Debug Mode

Working on a flow often requires checking or verifying certain things during execution. For example, if the flow involves adding then removing an item from an online shopping cart, we might want to verify that the item was indeed added to the cart during the execution.

Export Flow

Exports the current flow you're viewing (in .yaml).

Duplicate Flow

Duplicates the current flow on your Test Suite.

Convert to Load Test

Coverts the current flow into a Load Test. See here how to setup Load testing with Loadmill.

Replace Parameters

Replaces the given parameter generated by Loadmill or by the user to a new parameter name.

ex: Loadmill uses ${origin_1} to define the base url of the test. By applying Replace Parameters you can replace ${origin1} to ${base_url}.

This only changes the name of the parameter without affecting its value.

Extract Parameter

Extracts a given value from the Test Flow into a parameter.

ex: Say you have a unique value that you want to parameterize like a visitor id, a specific name or even a phone number. You can extract those values and parameterize them by applying the Extract Parameter tool.

All parameterized values are located in the PARAMETERS tab of the suite.

Copy Flow To Suite

Copies the current flow to the chosen suite.

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